A great year ahead!

Coriosi 2016. Photo by Coriosi.We have now operated as a communications agency for almost three years. According to customers our strength is reliable and comprehensive service. In addition to strategy work and planning we can also take care of the execution of marketing and communications activities.

Last year we had the pleasure of working with our clients in many kinds of projects. During the year we did all-round communication consultancy, social media planning and multi-channel publishing, content marketing, articles for print and web, marketing and product videos, corporate and product photography, book production, editing and layout, campaign communications and event communications. Our clients, which include medium-sized and small companies and other NGOs, operate both in Finland and abroad.

Happy and Successful New Year 2017!

We plan the communications of projects and campagnes

Suomen lippu, Flag of Finland. Photo by Coriosi.Finland celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independence in 2017. The Finnish 4H Federation and clubs organise celebrations called Safkasynttärit Suomelle – lasten villiruokajuhlat 100-vuotiaalle! (children’s wild food birthdayparty celebrations for a 100-year-old Finland). Coriosi is happy to be involved in planning and implementing the communications of this important project of the Finnish 4H Federation. You can keep track on how children celebrate, for example, by monitoring the social media hashtag #safkasynttärit and the home pages of the 4H organisation.

The 4H in Finland, with almost 60 000 members, arranges leisure activities for children and young people.

Let us plan together how the good work your organisation or your business is doing could get more visibility!

The Finnish 4H Federation

We help the communications and marketing of a company

Konet.fi Logistikka-messut Tampere 13.9.2016. Photo Jukka Kolari, Coriosi.Promotion of entrepreneurship is important for us in Coriosi. Rocla Solutions has been our customer for  a long time. We provide them support in planning and implementing communications and marketing. We have created content for them both for print and for digital media. We were also involved in the launching of Konet.fi online shop: we did the demonstration video, some visualization for the web page, brochure, took some photos and helped them to create and distribute the press release.

What can we do to help your company’s communications and marketing?

Rocla Solutions www.rocla.fi

Konet.fi www.konet.fi


Konet.fi demonstration video in YouTube (in Finnish)

Videos and still images support marketing

Gymba activation board. Photo Jukka Kolari, Coriosi.The Gymba activation board is a new Finnish invention, which helps people to stand up while working at the office. Gymba is a great help if you have a standing desk at work but you can also use it at home, for example while watching tv.

We have been shooting videos and still images for educational and marketing use for Gymba. At the Finnish GoExpo 2016 fair we shot videos for the Gymba sponsored events, a panel discussion about the perils of sitting down and a lecture about the same subject by Ph.D. Harri Helajärvi.

The Coriosi YouTube channel contains a collection of some of the videos we have shot for Gymba (in Finnish), along with other videos shot by us at www.youtube.com/user/coriosi

Information about the Gymba activation board gymba.fi/en